About us:

Baxter and Associates Real Estate Services was established in 2002. We are a small brokerage with a few to not may real estate agents. Being a small brokerage has its advantages. A small brokerage has all the same rights and responsibilities as any other brokerage, we have access to the same properties and market. We are able save costs which we pass on to you, and the other major benefit is that we can focus on service and not on numbers. We are not looking to break any sales records, or to be the “top producer” we like it that way. Our structure affords us more flexibility and the ability to spend more time taking care of you, our clients.

There are many advantages and benefits of working with a small brokerage; we pride ourselves on our personalized services and no pressure approach. We offer:

Why Baxter and Associates

Every home buyer, every home seller and every home are different. It’s not prudent to have a one size fits all approach to real estate. We will not use a bot to calculate your home value and we will not expect you to buy a home after seeing a maximum of 22.5, and we will not recommend that you price your home to sell in one day. We are smaller, we don’t have the big national marketing budgets, so we can offer some of that savings back to you, see our fees. We will not consider our job done until you have used us to help complete every bit of research and due diligence you require to be comfortable with your move. No rush, no pressure, no worries.

This is why our boutique approach to real estate suites us and we hope it suits you as well.