Real estate service for listings and selling a home in the event of separation.

When a home is bought or sold, its usually indicative of a change in life. Divorce or separation is one of those changes. Selling a home as part of a separation can look like marketing and selling any other home, or, it can look very different. If the couple are amicable, then it’s likely that it would look like any other home sale process, but if tension increases then the process will reflect that tension. Even something like getting maximum market value may not be a point of mutual interest and agreement, if one party wants to buy the other party out. Market value, possession dates, showings, preparing the home, included items, offers and counteroffers are all places of potential conflict and challenge. In this situation we have one real estate agent, two bosses and potentially two different sets of instructions. Each homeowner needs the assurance that they have all the pertinent information, they are fully apprised of events and negotiations and also know that there is not a bias for or against them, while keeping confidence.


After experiencing a number of situations like this Doug has established a program that will proactively address these potential issues and sets out guidelines and mechanisms to make a stressful situation less stressful, respecting the needs of all parties while getting the home sold.

How a home goes to the market, and how it gets sold is very dependent on the particular needs of each homeowner.

Moving up:

  • Finances often dictate this option.
  • Sell first or buy first?
  • Move, renovate or build?



  • Where to next, and the associated costs.
  • How much equity is there?
  • Longer-term planning and lifestyle changes.
  • +55 style living properties.


Separation or Divorce:

  • Potential for adversity and difficult negotiations.
  • Diverse valuations.
  • Agreement on Representation for either party.
  • Conflicting Interests.

For each of these issues and more, we offer a specialized service.


Investment Real Estate:

  • Duplex-Fourplex; Multi-Family; Industrial, and Leasing.